Problematic Academic Goals

Across the State of Minnesota, there is a problem of low academic achievement.  Minnesota ranks behind more than half the states in the country for the Achievement Gap.  Each district in Minnesota must have a plan for students to "Read Well By 3rd Grade."  The statewide percent of students who tested as proficient or exceeding proficiency in 2011 (just 10 years ago) was 78.5%. The most recent information the state has on file (2019)  is that just 55% of 3rd graders are now proficient.

In the Stillwater Area School District, 3rd grade reading proficiency plummeted from 90.2% in 2011 to a GOAL of only 59%.  

Students are not so different over the course of 10 years in the state or at a district level to account for this catastrophic collapse.  The answer is not the students, so the answer can only lie with adults within the system who are failing to help students achieve reading proficiency.